Friday, January 30, 2009


Friend Donna a Stitching for A Cure tagged me for this award. It's the first I won and can't thank her enough. "Cute" isn't a word often applied to me, I think! But I appreciate it so much.

So now I have to tag five more people. Donna beat me to Elisa. She's a great mother to 2 great kids and is a beautiful stitcher. Oh, well.

Here's my five. I'm not sure how to do this, so bear with me. I'm going to have to do some research:

She's a great friend of many years and has truth faith.

Another new great friend from across the pond.

He is such a hoot and says it like it is.

She has such a kind heart and is SO nice.

She is a great stitcher and has neat cats.

Now for something important. I don't know how many of you out there in cyberspace are aware of what Donna is doing, so here it is. She is collecting cross stitching ornaments which will be placed on a tree and auctioned in time for Christmas. She has chosen the patterns and colors so that the ornies will match. All of you out there who can cross stitch should check out the website and pitch in and help. Breast cancer research is close to our hearts--literally--and we just need to help. Check it out:

Thanks again, Donna

Monday, January 26, 2009


Yesterday I ended this long-running relationship! This is "My Quaker House" from With My Needle & Thread by Blackbird Designs. I stitched it on Ligonier Latte Belfast Linen. I used the threads recommended in the book. I started it last year, put it away and then brought it out last week to finish. Don't know if I'm going to frame it or make it a wall hanging. Or whatever. It's really not blue. It's just the picture. It's dark tan.

The weather here is amazing. One day it's 40 and the next almost 80, so almost everyone has a respiratory infection or, at the least, a bad cold. Except DH and me (fingers crossed). I've been a pretty good girl, staying inside and either stitching or cleaning a closet. Oh, for a breath of Spring.

I've been working on Beatrix Potter as well as my Quaker stocking. Hopefully I'll see some BIG results soon. They both seem that the more I stitch, the more there is to stitch. The petite etui will be here soon and I imagine the whole world will stop so that I can work on it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Tuesday the 44th President of our country was sworn into office. I didn't vote
for him and won't if he runs in 4 years. But even though he wasn't my choice,
the people of my country have chosen Mr. Obama. It's my duty now to
support him-as best as I can- and pray for him. My instinct tells me that
he very well could be in over his head-just a little.
I'm a Republican, born that way and probably will die that way. I voted for Mr. Bush twice (his
daddy, too). Like a lot of people, including my fellow Republicans, I have been really
disappointed with him. But that era is over now, and time to move on. He's just plain Citizen George now and it's time to let him rest so that the books may be written and the
library built. His was a job I would never want. To be the President of the most powerful-and
sometimes the most hated-nation in the world could never be easy. All that responsibility. He will forever be the president of September 11th, the president who botched a war.
So, on this Wednesday night, 24 hours into his presidency, I say "Good luck, President Obama.
Treat this wonderful country well. Handle it with care. It's a special responsibility that has
been given only to a very few men in it's glorious history. Make it a place we're all proud of. Make
Sasha and Malia proud of their father."
And to George. Thanks for the good things that you did for us. Get some rest. Write a book.
Take your place in history with your head held high. I don't know about others, but I'll miss you.
Sort of......Actually, I think it's Laura I'll miss the most. You're a lucky man.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Okay, here I sit, pouting. I've got another fever blister and this one is BIG. I just had one last week and took my pills like a good girl and it never really got bad. Wouldn't you know the prescription expired the 16th and I never managed to get it refilled? And it's too late to stop this one. It's one of those nasty ones that is in the middle of my lip and not around the edges. Just have to hibernate for a few days and stitch- a lot.
Speaking of stitching, I've managed to bring things to a halt until I finish the Loose Feather's Keepsake Box and Pinkeep. The top is within a few stitches of being finished and then on to the pinkeep. It's really small and won't take long either. I'll have to find some fabric, paint and the box, of course. All will be at Hobby Lobby. It's been a fun project.
Dianne is going to the needlework market in February and she's been taking orders for this little goody. It's an etui. It has to be specially bought because only so many will be printed. Can't wait to get my hands on this goody!

Today was the State of the Church message. Bro. Collin did a great job and has a great vision for this year. He mentioned several mission trips that will be available. The Senior Adults are going to Lafayette (Louisiana). A group will go to Wisconsin to help a former pastor with his new mission church. That would be fun, but only if we were to fly. But the goody is a proposed trip to Peru. Would I like that !! DH says he doesn't think my doctor will clear me for that one because of the altitude and lack of medical facilities should I need them. Well, I'm not worried. We'll see. If worse comes to worse, I can go on the mission field to Lafayette. Just what we'd do there hasn't been announced

Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm so glad it's Friday. It's been a bit of a long week. Got a lot done but have an even busier week ahead.

I've jumped a little further into cyberspace. I joined Facebook today. Luckily I've located a friend I haven't seen in years. She's living in North Carolina and still married to her adorable husband-not that I thought she wouldn't-but he's great. If any of you guys out there are members please sign me up!

My friend Ann is leaving on a "pilgrimage" on Tuesday. She and her husband are going to chaperon a group of kids from St. Agnes Church to Washington to join the March for Life. She is braver than me. I think I left teenagers behind a long time ago. Good luck, Ann!

I read in the news that John Mortimer has died. He has given me some great reading moments with Rumpole of the Bailey. The article said he was writing another at the time of his death. I'm going to miss reading that one. I'm the original "she who must be feared" or at least I get that impression from DH sometimes. Rest easy, John.

Speaking of books, I bought one yesterday. I've never really been a fan of Anne Rice. I did stumble through Interview With A Vampire and The Mummy but some of the others I found very difficult to read. Well, it seems that she has had a very religious experience. I think it came along unexpectedly. Anyway, she has written a book called Called Out Of Darkness. I read about it in the paper and tried really hard to put it out of my mind. It kept bothering me-maybe God was talking to me-so I bought it. I haven't started it yet-maybe I'm afraid to see what she says. Wish me luck.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Giselle is my neighbor's cat. She's young and very, very friendly. And quite pretty. She looks orange in the photos but it's really more of a pinkie orange. Giselle is vocal-loves to talk. She visits me several times a week. I don't see her at first but then she speaks!

Sometimes she's in the back yard but mostly in the front. She loves to stretch out on the warm concrete and get a big belly rub. She likes head butts, too.

Giselle has been a little bit of a lifesaver for me since I lost my little Rose almost 3 months ago. She's given me a little bit of the company I miss. I'm at the point now that I automatically listen for her when I go outside.

She's quite a character and I'm getting really attached to her. I haven't invited her in just yet but maybe I'll ask her in one day for a warm bowl of milk.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


It's been such mild weather here that the poor little flowers are confused! The temperature has been in the 70's and 80's and now azaleas, Japanese magnolias, confederate jasmine and other flowers are popping out all over. I took these snaps yesterday in my front yard. They were so lovely.
This morning the thermometer read 40. So much for the pretty flowers. Such is Louisiana weather.
Tomorrow I think I'll introduce y'all to Giselle.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I actually have two more finishes. The stitching was done several months ago but I've just now got them finished. Both are by Sandra Sullivan of Homespun Elegance.
The first is "Home Is Where You Hang Your Needlework". I used an alternate fabric (the name slips my mind!!) and I used most of the colors called for. I did change a couple of them to add a little more punch. I also did the needle book and pincushion, which has a handy little holder on the back for scissors. I used Weeks felt for this and for the lining of the needle book. I also used crushed walnut shells to stuff the pincushion. It's the first time I've done this and I really like the finish. It does add a bit of weight, though.
This is the "Stitching Necessaire". I also used an alternate (?) fabric for this one as well as the
suggested threads. I also used Weeks felt for the pincushion and scissor keep. The little button is the one suggested on the pattern.
I'm really liking primitives and am becoming a big fan of Homespun Elegance as well as Stacy Nash. I also enjoy doing needlework accessories. I've started a basket that sits on my bookcase just especially for my needle necessaries. They're easy, fun and quick projects, great for leftover fabby and threads.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


watching this football game. It is so dull. And to think it's for the national championship. It's in the second half and is STILL 7-7. I'm pulling for Oklahoma-not being disloyal to the SEC, but I have a friend that graduated from OU and besides, I don't like Tebow. He's his own best fan.

I have a couple of finishes- Christmas ornies, but finishes none the less. The first is "Partridge In A Pear Tree", a freebie from Aion. I stitched it on the specified fabric with specified DMC floss. I finished it myself with Christmas fabby and trim. It's the December ornie for the Christmas SAL.

These are ornaments from Plum Pudding Needleart, a chart called "Holiday's Samplings". There is also a small pillow pattern included but I haven't done that one. They're on 14 ct. Aida with Gentle Art's Cranberry thread. I finished them myself, again with Christmas fabric and trim.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


outside my bedroom window. I'ts not unusual to see deer, but it's usually late afternoon or night. We feed them and they come around often. Just not at 9AM in the morning. He's a beauty, fairly young, with a nice beginning rack. Hope he goes back into the woods because it's deer season here!

Monday, January 5, 2009


The Super Dome: Grand as ever
Deanne's: Dauphine and Iberville Streets
Great seafood

Michael at Deanne's
waiting for everyone to finish

Canal Street

Great place to shop?

Arthur and David

Alabama's Million Dollar Band

National Anthem

Well, January 2nd was to be our big day. Unfortunately Utah came to play and we just showed up for fun. They beat us soundly. But we had fun anyway. Nobody ever expected us to finish this season like we did so this was lagniappe (Louisiana term for "something extra").

We had a special guest: Arthur Lamm, a proven LSU fan went with us. Dinner was wonderful. We went to Deanne's, which is a seafood restaurant in the Quarter. If you're ever there and need a good place to eat this is it. And they serve in quantities.

After a quick cab ride we went on to the Super Dome for the game. Utah scored 3 TD's in the first quarter so that kinda set the tone. We'll just do better next year.

I've done a little stitching. Some Beatrix Potter and I also kitted up the Cricket Collection's Dicken's Ornaments. The new Loose Feathers is a box and I do love doing them so I've started that. Shouldn't take too long for the stitching.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Here are pictures of the Cute Ones taken while we were in Houston. Bradley is 11, Grace is 8 and Ann was 5 on the 31st. I can't believe they are that old, let alone that I'm as old as I am.
And it's another year. I hope this will be a great one for every body. It's started out okay. LSU won their bowl game. Michael, David, Arthur and I travel to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl tomorrow. Don't know which will be better: the game or the food!
Today was the first day of the Beatrix Potter SAL. I made a start and can't wait to do more. I've also got another idea that I stole from Marlon over at She has designed her own personalized sampler. It is beautiful and might be a fun thing to do. I'm getting my projects for the year organized right now.
Speaking of which. You might notice that many of the blogging sites are missing from the right side of my blog. I'm moving them to a site of their own. Mainly for my convenience! It might help you, too. The new site is It will grow from time to time. Love that "cut and paste".
Until later, HAPPY NEW YEAR.