Friday, January 9, 2009

I actually have two more finishes. The stitching was done several months ago but I've just now got them finished. Both are by Sandra Sullivan of Homespun Elegance.
The first is "Home Is Where You Hang Your Needlework". I used an alternate fabric (the name slips my mind!!) and I used most of the colors called for. I did change a couple of them to add a little more punch. I also did the needle book and pincushion, which has a handy little holder on the back for scissors. I used Weeks felt for this and for the lining of the needle book. I also used crushed walnut shells to stuff the pincushion. It's the first time I've done this and I really like the finish. It does add a bit of weight, though.
This is the "Stitching Necessaire". I also used an alternate (?) fabric for this one as well as the
suggested threads. I also used Weeks felt for the pincushion and scissor keep. The little button is the one suggested on the pattern.
I'm really liking primitives and am becoming a big fan of Homespun Elegance as well as Stacy Nash. I also enjoy doing needlework accessories. I've started a basket that sits on my bookcase just especially for my needle necessaries. They're easy, fun and quick projects, great for leftover fabby and threads.


Donna said...

Did you crush the shells yourself or purchase them like that?
Great job on everything.

Julie said...

WOW how wonderful the 'Home is where' looks, you did a wonderful job Marion, i hope mine turns out as nice.

Love the necessaire too, very elegant looking