Monday, January 12, 2009


Giselle is my neighbor's cat. She's young and very, very friendly. And quite pretty. She looks orange in the photos but it's really more of a pinkie orange. Giselle is vocal-loves to talk. She visits me several times a week. I don't see her at first but then she speaks!

Sometimes she's in the back yard but mostly in the front. She loves to stretch out on the warm concrete and get a big belly rub. She likes head butts, too.

Giselle has been a little bit of a lifesaver for me since I lost my little Rose almost 3 months ago. She's given me a little bit of the company I miss. I'm at the point now that I automatically listen for her when I go outside.

She's quite a character and I'm getting really attached to her. I haven't invited her in just yet but maybe I'll ask her in one day for a warm bowl of milk.


Ann said...

She's adorable, Marian! Of course, I'm a cat person (I still have 3). Only 1 of mine likes milk, and he'd really rather have some yogurt on a plate!

coral said...

Marion ...go check out my BLOG...Giselle looks like our Princess Bridie's twin...I think you may have to adopt a new baby

Julie said...

WOWZA... what a darling she is. Isn't her tail gorgeous, lots of lovely furry cuddles from the boys and me .. i think i would have to kidnap her, i would leave a note though to say where she had gone to LOL

Heather said...

So sweet, love making new friends like that