Thursday, January 1, 2009


Here are pictures of the Cute Ones taken while we were in Houston. Bradley is 11, Grace is 8 and Ann was 5 on the 31st. I can't believe they are that old, let alone that I'm as old as I am.
And it's another year. I hope this will be a great one for every body. It's started out okay. LSU won their bowl game. Michael, David, Arthur and I travel to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl tomorrow. Don't know which will be better: the game or the food!
Today was the first day of the Beatrix Potter SAL. I made a start and can't wait to do more. I've also got another idea that I stole from Marlon over at She has designed her own personalized sampler. It is beautiful and might be a fun thing to do. I'm getting my projects for the year organized right now.
Speaking of which. You might notice that many of the blogging sites are missing from the right side of my blog. I'm moving them to a site of their own. Mainly for my convenience! It might help you, too. The new site is It will grow from time to time. Love that "cut and paste".
Until later, HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Donna said...

Great looking kids. They do grow fast.

Julie said...

Gorgeous pics of your little ones.

Have fun on your trip.