Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I'm thoroughly enjoying Anniversaries of the Heart. It's just moving right on along. I've finished a couple of months, so here are some pictures. Since I've taken them, I've finished another month and started October-my month.

 This is May, which is Michael's birth month. Also my mother (yes, I share her name). And my great grandfather. I added some marine thingys for Michael and the year he graduated from Alabama. May's flower and birthstone are there, too, just a little more difficult to see. Michael's cat, Tommy, has made an appearance.

January is my Dad's and his twin brother Merrill's birth month. David's Grandmother Harden was also born in January. Epiphany is also in January, which marks the day King Cake appears here in Louisiana! I have finished February, which you can see a portion of next to January. The little initials and dates I put there the days those ladies left us.

I have discovered-after removing a lot of stitches to make room- that I should put the main dates in as I work on a  month. There's still a little room in January, so I can add something else if I think of it.

I've found a piece of my family tartan, so I'm planning on using  it somewhere. And some lace and pearls from my wedding gown. There are lots of scraps of memories around here that may find their way on to my  work.

Yep. This one is worth the time and money.


Ranae said...

Looking really pretty
Love the colors

Catherine said...

Great personal touches!