Sunday, July 22, 2012


Not five minutes after my post followed through on Facebook, my phone rang. It was my dear cousin, Joanne Romanek. This voice says "I can tell you about the scarf".

Whoa-----this dear person just buried her beloved Joe yesterday morning and now she's taking the time to call and tell me about this little scrap of wool.

The conversation lasted maybe 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I can't remember the story verbatim, but it seems Mrs. George Wilson isn't my grandmother Etta. She was Judy Wilson and was related to Joanne on her mother's side of the family (my mother and Joanne's father were siblings). It seems that Judy was the second wife of somebody along the way.

During WWII, I believe the story went, my mother and this Mrs. Judy stitched together at Northington Campus in Tuscaloosa. Mother knitted and Judy crocheted. They sold these things and the money was used to support the War. Joanne didn't know whether Mother bought the scarf or Judy made it a gift.

We had a laugh about the tag, because that's how Joanne knew who it was.It wasn't my grandmother's style.  This lady apparently sewed her tags into everything. Regardless, I'm grateful for this beautiful work of art-I offered to send it to Joanne- and now I know something about its history.

And a big thanks to someone who took time out on such a terrible day to share the story with me.

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FancyHorse said...

It's nice to know the whole story!

I like your new layout and header picture.