Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My kids are all coming this weekend,
so I whipped up this little goody for them. Last year I made them a Halloween table runner, so this matches it perfectly.  Now, what for next year????

So, for a month I've had this crud that everyone down here gets. Prednisone, celestone.....nothing worked. Now I have a great bacterial bronchial infection. Since I don't always do very well with antibiotics, I'm on Amoxicillin.  And of course, Acidophilus to prevent that other thing that comes along with it. I don't feel really bad: just tired.

I will enjoy the weekend, though, because all the family will be here. Plus I get to cook!

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Julie said...

Having a blog reading catch up - anniversaries looks wonderful, so pretty. Love the door wreath too.
Have fun with the family and i hope you are feeling much better by the time they arrive.
Julie x