Friday, August 7, 2009


This inspired the new hobby. It is a sampler that I did in 1975. It never was under glass, stored under the bed. I pulled it out, dismantled it, soaked it and then bought glass and framed it myself. There's a pretty bad stain at the bottom which wouldn't come out. Oh, well. My mother also did one and it's hanging in the foyer. I'll get a photo of it. Best thing is that my boys will each get one. I re-used the same frame. Just cleaned it up a bit.

This is a piece of needlework that is also very old. It's Stoney Creek's "Little Drummer Boy". I just love the look on his little face. It wasn't too difficult to frame and is now on the wall with the Santa I did so many years ago.
I went thru a major Paula Vaughn stage and did many of her designs. This is one of many in the box under the bed. I'll get the others framed sooner or later! It's in a very OLD frame that housed a very old photograph. My guest room is the PV room and this one is hanging in there.
This one is recent. Maybe the second one I framed. Don't remember the designer but I did change some of the colors to liven it a bit.
This has been completed for awhile but I've just now photographed. It's the Sampler Girl's Christmas stocking. As you can see, it is hanging all year round in my dining room. I made it a little bit longer so I could stitch Emma's name at the top (the verse is from Emma).

While I had the camera ready, I made a photo of the bellpull that my mother stitched SO many years ago. She also stitched the cushions that you can see in some of the other photos.

This is a very OLD Janet Powers design of an iris (I went thru a JP phase, also). It is now hanging on my JP wall, which is just outside the bar near the dining room.

I've really enjoyed the framing thing. The best news is that the very large box of old needlework is now beginning to empty. It's not difficult to frame. Just takes patience, which I have with some things, but not with people. Need to work on that now.


FancyHorse said...

Very nice work, and good for you for getting them framed properly. I used to do some crewel embroidery and stamped cross-stitch, but I never got the hang of counted cross-stitch or needlepoint. My last project was one I started in 1977 for David, our younger son,and finished in 2007 for our granddaughter, his daughter!

Ann said...

Marian, they look GREAT!

Karen said...

Very nice....they all look great.

Alice said...

You have done some very beautiful work! I am very impressed with your framing skills too. That would save a pretty penny I bet! The bell pull your mom stitched is gorgeous!

Julie said...

They all look super Marian, well done. You obviously inherited your mothers passion for needlework.

Siobhan said...

Marian, I am so impressed! Both with all the beautiful stitching but also the framing. Lovely!

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - thanks for the tour of some of your prized needlework pieces - they're beautiful!