Monday, August 17, 2009


I guess you could say I'm being a little slow these days. I am completely overtaken (is that a word?) by two of my projects. Truly I had forgot how much fun a Marty Bell could be. The Chaplain's Garden is coming along so well. Confetti stitches everywhere but I can really see where it is going now. And anxious to get started on it's mate.

And Le Marquoir is fantastic, too. I started it in the colors called for but frogged them all out and changed to brighter colors. Well, of all things, I went to a funeral at Our Lady of Mercy last week and spent a great deal of time noticing things. There was a banner to the left of the altar and the colors were magnificent. And the green on the kneelers is the same one I picked. Then I realized they were all the colors I was using on the Marquoir. I came home, loaded Google, searched liturgical colors and how amazing! I was instinctively using those colors. The only one I had not included was rose. It's going to be there now! It's really a beautiful piece.

We're watching the Gulf of Mexico now. Two trifling little storms there now and one biggy which looks like it's going up the Eastern Seaboard. But once they get started.........And I shouldn't say trifling because that's the best way to get a surprise-like Katrina.


Ann said... are the pictures?

Your Le Marquoir sounds lovely. Mine won't get started until 2011 at the rate I'm going...I'm glad you had a reason to research liturgical colors--especially rose, which is only used twice a year (and not even then in most places).

Black is a liturgical color, too, if you follow the Tridentine rite. So work a tiny bit of black in there, too!

Marian said...

I was wondering how to get black and white into it. I'm using cream belfast so unless I'm careful it won't show up.

PaulineD said...

How interesting that you are drawn to the liturical colours without realising!

Hope the weather stays calm!!!

Jan said...

Your Le Marquoir sounds 'heavenly' and no coincidence on the colors!:)

Glad you enjoying your stitching!

Julie said...

Your WIP's sound beautiful, waiting for pics with anticipation LOL

Stay safe, i hope the storm doenst come your way

Alice said...

I can't wait to see progress pictures. I love the Chaplain's Garden... so pretty. Stay safe, we are watching the weather too, I remember having a heck of a block party after Isabelle knocked out our power...everyone cooked the contents of their freezers.

Carolyn NC said...

Can't wait to see your progress pictures!

Siobhan said...

I can't wait to see progress pics! Your Le Marquoir sounds beautiful--I love adding symbolism, in colors or motifs, in my samplers.

Isn't it fun when you get really jazzed about stitching something? I love it. I always enjoy what I'm stitching but there are some projects that I just can't wait to get working on & I have fun with each stitch. I'm glad you're enjoying your Marty Bell!