Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Just checked friend Ann's blog (With My Needle) and she gave me a gentle reminder that today is Bastille Day. It's remembered here because of Louisiana's (and especially New Orleans') French heritage. There was a celebration in the Crescent City and Ann and hubby went down. He does a great imitation of Napoleon. She has some photos on her blog.

Some days I should just stay in and stitch! Saturday morning, after many days of postponing, I decided to go get the blood work done that I've needed to do for a month or so. I left home about 8 , backed out the driveway, switched gears and proceeded to run into my neighbor's mailbox. All the boxes in our subdivision are alike: cast iron, of course. Result: I tore the mailbox off its stand (bolted on, of course) and removed my side mirror as well as managing several deep grooves down the side of the car. Oh, yes. A dented fender, too. We had the mailbox replaced yesterday: $300. And got the estimate on the car this morning: a touch more than $1800. Thank goodness the deductible is only $500 (that doesn't sound right, does it?). I've got a prescription for some driving glasses. Guess that's next. When I had cataract surgery I had lens implants so bye bye glasses and contacts. But sometimes the old astigmatism just kicks in.

On the sewing front, I'm still working on Chaplain's Garden, The Summer Ball and the Loose Feathers SAL. And I'm actually doing some framing. I still need to make some photos and when I finally settle down a bit, I'll take them.

Well, Bones is on the telly so I need to go lust after Boothe. Wonder what kind of mailbox he has????


Carolyn NC said...

Ouch, Marian! If it makes you feel better, every single person in my family (except one) has nailed at least one mailbox (if not more) and done various amounts of damage. Sometimes they just seem to jump out at us. :)

Donna said...

Well, hmm, what can I say? Those mailboxes must have springs in them that make them pop out at us at the strangest moments!

Jan said...

Oh goodness, Marian!! So sorry, some things are just not great to have happen, huh? Hope you have better days ahead, and stay away from mailboxes. I am sure that you will, without that advise!!

Elizabethd said...

Bastille day here was not in the least exciting!
Sorry to hear about your mailbox.I whacked the side of my car` last week, on a post at the edge of a car park.....it just leapt out at me.

Julie said...

Oh no Marian, i hope you were not injured at all.

Hoep the results are good from the bloodwork

{big hug}