Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, I guess my mojo is back. I'm obsessing with The Summer Ball. I've finished the two left women (except for some back stitching and filling in). It's been a long time since I've worked on aida and I had forgot how quickly it stitches. I've never had any trouble with half crosses so no problem there. I'm going to change some colors: there's even one figure that's going to have my red hair! And Chaplain's Garden is coming along, too. A lot of ords for my Totally Useless SAL this time.

Siobban is getting me started on my next obsession. She did a piece and did a feature on it on Stitch Bitch's site. I've looked it up and am going to add it to the old stash in the next few weeks. The only source I've found is Volarium. The sampler is called Le Marquoir de Justine. It's just lovely and has a great story behind the sampler.

My friend Diane Guillory at my LNS, Cross Stitch Corner, had a pacemaker installed yesterday and is doing great. Lots of kind thoughts go out to her. And to my friend Deanne Webb, who is going to begin some experimental therapy at MD Anderson beginning Tuesday. Deanne is proof-perfect that God answers prayers. She has melanoma of the liver and needed this treatment. Her insurance company was a little hesitant to cover the costs. After a lot of prayers from our church and friends, it's going to be covered. And if you all will, say a prayer or two for her-and Diane's- quick recovery.

And I'm a happy camper. Saturday, when I had my little collision, I was on the way to a lab to have some blood work done. I got the results Wednesday and it couldn't have been better. As most of you know, I have heart disease and sometimes blood chemistries aren't always great. Well, this time they were: no diabetes, no bad liver studies and great cholesterol levels. Haven't been this low in a long time. PTL.

I'm still going to take those photos and I have a great recipe to send along. But I'm going to take the afternoon and see the new Harry Potter film.


Ann said...

I've got Marquoir de Justine, you are welcome to borrow it, especially since I know I won't be stitching it anytime soon! And I'll have dug it out of the stash by the time you have Summer Ball finished!

I use DMC 918 for my hair--what do you use?

Carolyn NC said...

Prayers being said for your friends and so thankful you had good test results! Enjoy your stitching obsessions - can't wait to see pictures!

Julie said...

Great news on the bloods, i'm sure a lot of relaxed stitching time helps too :-)

Sending positive healing thoughts to your friends too

Jan said...

OH I want to do Justine too, Marian! One of my favorite samplers!! Glad that your tests came back good!!

Siobhan said...

Your friends are in my prayers! I am so glad that you got good test results--God is good! I'm sorry to hear about the mailbox incident. :P Something similar happened to me about a year ago... I was dropping off the kids at school and I got too close to the iron gate in the parking lot and scraped the entire side of the car, from the front all the way to the back. Deep grooves, similar bill, etc. Thank God for insurance! :P

I'm so glad that you're doing Le Marquoir de Justine. It makes me happy to think that she is still thought of all these years after she stitched her sampler. Stitching is a wonderful thing!