Thursday, April 30, 2009


A little earlier this afternoon, son John sent over this photo of my grandchildren. They're sitting in the cockpit of an AirbusA319. They are SO adorable. And it's no surprise that Ann is sitting in the captain's seat! We'll be seeing them this weekend, so get ready. More photos will follow.

I love blogs and I love blogs with pretty pictures. Several weeks ago, I found a blog with photos of my hometown, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Well, I started checking on the blogs on this site and made a great discovery. Here goes:

Tuscaloosa Daily Photo:
I love visiting places I remember from so long ago.

Occasional Scotland:

Telluride Daily Photo:

New Orleans Daily Photo:
If you go to the bottom of this blog, there are links to ALOT of city photo blogs.

Well, so goes this day. Hope you enjoy the picture and check out these other blogs.

So long for now,


Donna said...

You know I love photos and I love reading blogs. Which is probably why I am not stitching as much as I need to!
Love the photos of your GKs. They are precious.

Siobhan said...

Beautiful photo of your grandkids! Enjoy your time with them. I'm off to look at the pictures on the blogs you listed--thanks! :)

Julie said...

A lovely picture of your little ones, i hope you have a fun weekend with them.

D said...

Well hey there! Thanks for the linkaroo!