Friday, March 20, 2009

Over the last few days I, like most people, have been watching and reading news reports concerning the horrific accident and death of Natasha Richardson. She was so young. And the mother of two children. The wife of Liam Neeson. The daughter of Vanessa Redgrave.

Ms. Redgrave has been a favorite actress of mine, I think, since I saw her in Camelot. Her politics were totally different than mine, but I respected her for her superb acting abilities. Now my respect has deepened. To be able to stand by her dying daughter's bedside and literally sing her into Heaven calls for more dignity and love than I've seen or heard. The pain she feels now is something I never want to feel. God bless her.

Liam Neeson got my attention when he starred in Michael Collins. Yesterday when I saw the photos of him returning home after saying good bye to his Tash were so sad. He has an incredible job ahead of him raising those two boys. God be with him, too.

I've seen her sister Joely on Nip/Tuck several times: it's not one of my regular shows. But I remember the episode where she said good by to someone she thought was her dead mother. She poured out her heart and soul in maybe not such a nice way. Her mother in the show was played by her mother Vanessa. She returned to her apartment after her chat with the body she thought was her mother only to walk in the apartment to see her mother just waking up from a nap on the sofa. The look on Joely's face was priceless. I can't imagine what she feels. I have no sister or brother.

Such a sadness for this family. There's nothing anyone can say or do to lessen the loss. But I hope her family has seen, and still sees, the feelings we all have for them at this time. Nothing will bring her back. Be grateful for the time they, and we, had with her. She left our world a better place.


Julie said...

Just goes to show when he calls your name its time say goodbye, you never know when that will be and it what circumstances. Such a tragedy though.

Ann said...

I agree, it's so sudden and so sad. I know that I've never worn a helmet when skiing, heck, no one ever suggested that I needed a helmet on the bunny run! We sure know better now...

But there's good to come out of everything--think of how many people (myself included) have come to realize that ANY head injury needs to be checked out. It's not much consolation to the family, but I hope it gives them a little bit of comfort to know that somewhere, someday, someone's life is going to be saved either because they were wearing a helmet, or because they got that head injury looked at.