Thursday, March 19, 2009


This has been one of those days. Started out great. Wonderful day at Sunrise Assisted Living. Got a little work done in the house. Then I picked up my stitching.
I'm working on The Traveling Stitcher by LNS. I've finished the needlebook cover and was about half finished with the main piece. Somehow I miscalculated and didn't allow enough side space. I started it all over again on the fabric right next to the needlebook. Well, I'm not happy. I'm working it really strangely just to see if it will fit. Truth is, I'd really rather get another piece of fabric and start over-over. Just to be sure.
I did make a trip to Lifeway Books for some reading material and found a wonderful carry-all that has places for family pictures.
None the less, I'm floundered by my boo boo. That's one that shouldn't be made. And all the thread I used.......overdyes, too.
In the scheme of things, this is small. But an unnecessary mistake.
Orchestra was good tonight and tomorrow I see Dr. Dobson to get my real boo boo removed. Maybe that's what's really on my mind.
Oh, well.......


Heather said...

I did the same thing on my new project this Week. I was doing Bent creek summer snapperland and missed counted so an entire overdyed is in the garbage.
So frustrating

Donna said...

I am afraid I have done the same thing on my big girl panties by LK. I am still stitching on it because I think I can add a little fabric to the top and make it work.
What boo boo? I guess I missed that.

Julie said...

It always make me grouchy when i have made an error