Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm frogging again! I really messed up my Beatrix Potter sampler. I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and started stitching the inside of one of the medallions sideways. I put it aside for a couple of days and am now thinking maybe I'll pick it up again.

Then there is the Friendship RR. Sara's arrived in the mail today so I started stitching the proper heart. Well, sure enough I messed up on my count. It has to be frogged over halfway up.

I'm blaming all this bad stuff on the little procedure I had done on Friday. I had a little thingy removed from a very miserable place (above my waist). This was the second go-round on it. Had it frozen off last time. This time the doctor did a little cutting. It was about the size of a quarter. She didn't do stitches, which was good. She cauterized it and it's having a time not bleeding. Everything went bad because of my........attitude?

The good news is that I've redone the Traveling Stitcher and have- YEA!- figured out the pattern for the needlebook and carrying case. I think I'l look for the fabby on Thursday. I can use the part I messed up for a little pouch for buttons, safety pins, etc.

DH sent me an email this morning. We have a chance to go to the Arizona Biltmore in July. We've been before and it's a WONDERFUL place (pictures in my Kodak gallery: password shown, other code is The only problem is July. It was hot as hades in November. I can guess what it would be like in the summer. But it's such a great place to go. Maybe we'll make it. Some great reading and stitching time.

This is going to be the first ever Easter that I've worn black! I usually go for something pale and it's the one Sunday a year I absolutely wear a hat -platform and all. Well, we're doing the second part of our Easter music on Sunday morning and the orchestra has to wear concert black. I'm going to become really creative with this one! I bought a nice, short black dress for Sunday morning and am going to wear a long, black dress on Wednesday night (the first part of the music). I'm even going to treat myself to a new pair of black shoes. I need them badly and this is a good excuse to buy them. But no 5 " stilettos. People might talk!!!

I also agreed to play for the Sunrise Service at Resthaven (Cemetery, just next door to the church). The day will start VERY early for me. I really don't mind. I can do it one day a year. There's nothing "early morning" about me.

Wish there was more to tell. It's a little boring right now. I'm going to my LNS tomorrow and maybe I can get into some trouble.......


Donna said...

You gonna put colorful flowers in that hat? I thought with the black and all you might jazz it up!
Sorry about the frogging.

Ann said...

Girl, I am so sorry I'm not going to see you in your hat! I certainly hope you post a photo!

From the gal who wears a mantilla every Sunday...or as a friend of mine calls it 'a liturgical accessory.'

Julie said...

Im sorry you had a visit from teh froggy, he sure does get around, i hope he has well and truly hopped off.

Enjoy your service, we need pics of the hat!!

Get well wishes XX