Friday, October 3, 2008


Today is THAT day again. Of course, I'm glad I have it. World of hurt if I don't. Today is the 23rd anniversary of my 39th birthday (62). Just three more years I become church organist emeritus. Sounds fancy!

I received these wonderful flowers from David, the boys and Rose. Mary Margaret at Marino's always does something fantastic. She knows I like pretty containers. For my 40th anniversary in August the flowers were in the most fan-tabulous crystal vase. Takes two hands to carry just the vase.

I had a couple of finishes this week. I'll get them photoed later. Good news, though. The camera I thought I had lost during Gustave turned up this morning in the pocket of my raincoat. Imagine that! What a birthday present.

I found the prettiest song. It's called "Gabriel's Oboe" by Amy Grant. You can hear it on Creekside Cottage. CC is on the right side of my blog under "Inspirational Blogs".

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