Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It's Monday after a big weekend. Friday, or course, was my birthday. It was very quiet, which is the way I really like things. Saturday was election day and one I enjoy because I get to see my neighbors. Still 5:15 AM until 8:30 PM is a LONG day. Our mayor was re-elected over three other candidates-after some very dirty, typical Louisiana politics. I've been a Republican all my voting life and don't intend to change now. But I do admit voting other parties. Our mayor is a Democrat and does a great job. The two Republicans in the race were not my idea of mayoral material. My candidate for DA was a Democrat. Oops. I just put it into writing and I'm sure some of my Republican buddies won't appreciate it too much.

Last Wednesday night I came home from church to see about a million fairy lights strung all around the house two doors down. By Saturday there was a huge tent set up on the front courtyard. And Sunday lots of little white table and chairs were set up. Turns out there was a wedding reception there Sunday night. We heard no noise so they were pretty well behaved. There was a long, white limousine parked in front of the house. I did my best to spy out my windows to see what was going on. Unfortunately my windows are not made for peeping!. Best of luck to the couple-whomever they are.

My team won again Saturday-by a thread. One poll actually had us as #2 in the nation. We have this week off and then we play Ole Miss. Hoddy toddy, Ann!!!! LSU plays Florida this Saturday and I'll cheer VERY loudly for LSU. May even wear my forbidden sweatshirt. Nov. 1 is our Homecoming. We're trying to decide about traveling plans right now.

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