Thursday, October 2, 2008


It's officially Fall now and time for pumpkins, colorful leaves and ghosts and spiders. It's also time to bring out the Prairie Moon Halloween Tree. I'm proud of this one: it took forever, it seems, to finish it.

Football continues. Alabama plays Kentucky at home on Saturday and I'm stuck here playing Commissioner of Elections. We have a major election : mayor, city council some judges. It will probably be a very busy day so I won't take any stitching. Probably a book. I'm reading Tess Gerritson's The Apprentice right now. Can't say I'm totally involved in it. I plan to go to Books A Million tomorrow to see what I can find that might be more interesting.

I've added some more blogs to my site. And have some wonderful decorating sites to add. I could get into this blogging thing.

Tonight is the Big Debate. I'm going to stitch and watch. I have no dog in this fight. Just as I have no choice for whom to vote. Even though he is not the best candidate my Party could have chosen, I have to vote for McCain. It really is a hoot watching Biden fall over his own feet as he sticks them into his mouth!

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