Saturday, September 27, 2008


Here we are. David, Michael, Rose and me. In our usual Saturday places in front of the TV, waiting for our team to kick off. It's been a great day so far: Ole Miss beat Florida/Tebow. In this neck of the woods NOBODY likes Florida. It will be the grandest night if Tennessee will beat Auburn but that's not likely. LSU plays Mississippi State and the same time our team plays-and hopefully beats- Georgia.

I'm working on "Love Story". I want to have it finished by the first of the week. Three years is long enough to spend on it. I paid a visit to my LNS today and picked up Blackbird Design's "Buttons and Blooms for The Cure". Don't plan to start it just yet.

It's sad about Paul Newman. But 83 years is a great lifetime and he sure lived it to the fullest. He will always be the most handsome man to me. And to have a 50 year marriage in Hollywood is a record.

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