Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's here! It's here! "Family Reunion" by Rosewood Manor is now in my hands and so is the fabby (Cashel, 28 ct. Platinum, as it calls for) and all the DMC colors are pulled. I'm trying desperately to wait until tomorrow to begin. The design and colors are what I expected. The designer suggested finishing the piece and the adding names. There are several alphabets given and more than one set of initials and even a whole name may be placed in a spot. Surprisingly there aren't that many colors but the one that are are very soft and a little dusty. It's large.

The needle case is coming along. I ended up having to glue the cording on because the joining seam was so wide my stitches were showing. I hated to do that but I couldn't handle little black stitches everywhere. Tomorrow I should be able to put the bottom part together.

If you haven't checked the site yet, go to needlework sites on the right side of my blog. Look for ''Tempus Fugit". It the most beautiful stitching site. It is in French but has English translations. About the second page or so begins instructions for the most beautiful needle wallet. It's on my list for maybe year after next. This lady does beautiful work-even finishing work. It's just lovely to look at.
See ya'll later.......

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