Monday, September 22, 2008


I started to call it the remains of the day but I think that's been taken! It's dusky outside and that means it's time to settle in and do some stitching. I've convinced myself that I can finish "Quaker Christmas" by Christmas, so we'll see.

I'm going to my LNS tomorrow to pick up some charts I've ordered. I hope "Family Reunion" from Rosewood Manor is there. I've wanted to do that one since I saw it. It's a great way to honor family members that have gone on.

I started the finish work today on something I started in 2004. It's "Elizabeth R: A Sewing Case" by Fancy Work. Most of it is in back stitch, which I HATE and a little cross stitch. It's done is silk thread on French linen. A very pretty piece. The few little gold paillettes on it were very expensive-and worth it. The fabric used to back it is dupioni silk. I guess one reason I've been so slow in putting it together is that the directions were a little detailed. When I slowed down, thought it through, added my own touches, it wasn't so bad. I should have it finished in a day or two. I even added a medallion and some pearls from my wedding gown. The idea behind the design of the needle case is that the motifs on the case were actual designs from gowns of Elizabeth I.

I've really been watching Rose these days. Losing Pepe has brought it home how old and fragile she is getting to be. She's been a part of my life for so long. She was probably 10 or so when the picture at the top of the page was made.

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