Sunday, September 14, 2008


Sunday is a day of rest unless you're a church musician. But most of us around here had a day off last week so it was a welcome experience to be back at the keyboard today. I sat the wrong way in the 8:30 service and messed up my back so I slept the whole afternoon, went to choir practice this afternoon and now am at home anxiously waiting for Masterpiece Theatre. The Inspector Lynley Mysteries have been playing the last few weeks. He is a character created by Elizabeth George. He is really Lord Atherton, who has chosen to be a policeman. His partner is Inspector Barbara Havers, a sloppy from-the-other-side-of-the-tracks savvy woman and I just know that some day they will discover each other (that way, especially since Lynley's wife has met an untimely demise).

I' m showing you a picture of a piece of needlework I started early in 2005. It's "Love Song" by Fouroaks Design. It's going slowly, probably because it's all one color and very boring sometimes. I'm almost finished-just a little bit of the left border to do. I'm showing it to you because of its history. In the upper right hand corner is a little remembrance of Katrina. In the lower left is my thoughts to Gustav and Ike. I actually stitched Gustav's name in the border as he was coming ashore-before we lost power. I'm hurrying to finish it now in case another storm decides to form. Maybe he or she won't come this way!!!!! I'm actually going to do the companion piece to this one which is called "Rhapsody in Blue".

Tomorrow I have a recipe to share-a really strange one, but an interesting one. It's a Chocolate Cake In A Cup. I made it for the first time last night during our ball game. We won-ROLL TIDE!

Until tomorrow, ta.

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