Saturday, September 13, 2008


We have heard from John. By phone, no less. He is okay. There is a tree down in his yard, no glass broken, no power (of course!) but other than that, all is well. He said he had never heard a house creak so much as theirs did during the storm. I thought I worried about the boys when they were small, but that was small stuff. It was really rough managing my thoughts last night, knowing he was alone in that BIG MOTHER HOUSE (as Michael calls it). When they are small they are usually within your sight and touch. When they are adults they abide by their own thoughts and actions and you can't change those thoughts and actions even when you know they're making a mistake. That's when faith steps in (and happy pills!).

It's even harder when the TV is on and you watch what is going on: winds, water, fires. Add to that the fact that you yourself just went through the same thing the weekend before. I'm glad we did it during the day. It must be horrific at night when it is totally dark-no electricity, no communication except by battery-powered radio. And knowing your family is miles away in San Antonio. Hats off to you, John. You've grown into quite a man. I love you.

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