Thursday, September 18, 2008


We've not had a good day here. We've lost a little friend.

Many years ago son John and his wife Laura adopted two little furry friends, Garbo and Doogie. Two adorable Llhasa Apsos. Eventually they had two more little furry babies of their own named Pepe and Rose. John and Laura adopted Pepe and David and I took Rose.
Rose has been my baby and best friend for almost 15 years just as Pepe has been for John and Laura. He watched as they welcomed Bradley, Grace and Ann into their family and later the furball Annabell.

Eventually Pepe and Rose began showing their age, perhaps Pepe more than Rose. Last night Pepe went to sleep and he didn't wake up this morning. I spoke with John as he was making a place for Pepe in the yard. It's still bad in Houston: no water, no ice, no electricity. His family is still in San Antonio and he will join them this weekend. A sad reunion, I think.

I believe that our little friends go to Heaven just like our other family members. So Pepe is there, waiting for the rest of us. Murry is scratching him on the nose with his little finger like he did to all the family animals. Miss Wilson is spitting at him. And Sweetie is sitting to the side looking down her nose at it all. Tommy is grinning, remembering the time he crawled up my leg because I paddled him with the paper.

I hope I have Rose for awhile longer. Today has given me pause. She had her hair done today and the groomer put a pink bow on her. She's not the pink bow type. Think I'll go take it off now and put it in the drawer with her other bows. Maybe give her a kiss.

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coral said...

Hi Marian ...I so sorry for the loss of your friend Pepe ...I lost my little pomeranian Oliver this time last year. I still have his sister Dizzy and I treasure wever day I have with her as she is a old lady now at 15.

Marian I know you from many years ago from the Marty Bell board. I got your BLOG addy from Helen...Love Coral Australia