Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I bought a feather tree at Hobby Lobby this weekend that I thought would be great for the acorns I stitched a couple of years ago. Bad idea. Then I remembered a kit for some little Christmas ornies I added to my stash a few years ago-2006, to be exact. I pulled the kit out and sure enough, there was the tree pictured on the front. I've finished five of them-there are 24 in total. It takes maybe and hour or two to finish one of them. Maybe, just maybe, I can finish them by Christmas. The pattern calls for NPS but I've pulled DMC and Anchor to stitch them. The front cover looks like bright thread so that's what I'm using. The kit is by Bright Needle.

It's been a beautiful day here and there are no blips on the radar for tropical storms. PTL. We still have HUGE piles of rubbish out front of our houses and blue tarps everywhere and will for awhile. Patience is what we all need now.

"The Closer" is one of my favorite shows. Last night was the season finish. Boy, what a finish and no clue until the opener in January. Poor Sanchez!

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