Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's happening again. Hurricane City. Only this time the Bad Boy is going after John and his family in Houston. They were here last weekend because the house in Prairieville hasn't sold, it took some hurricane damage and had to be repaired. Now the new house is in danger. Thank goodness Laura and the kids have gone to San Antonio. It doesn't make me feel too much better to think that John is riding it out in Houston. But he will be there to help Laura's parents if they need it.

My guys at Sunrise Assisted Living did great during the storm. Apparently there are some commercial-type generators installed there and they kicked in immediately. They never lost power and never did without hot meals. Some of their family members even came there to stay with them during the storm.

Today was the seventh anniversary of that terrible day the towers fell. I had the feeling that, except for television commentators, no one really remembered. I did. I will never, as long as I live, forget that day. And I pray to God that it never repeats itself.

It's getting late here now and I want to stitch a little bit before I call it a day. I also have a project that is just a couple of hours being finished-the chocolate box thingy. I need a couple of things from Hobby Lobby tomorrow and it will be done. Stupid me did a real dumb thing: I forgot to order checks. So......before I go to HL I will have to go to the bank, write a counter check for cash then go to HL. Does that not rank with the all time dummies??? That and paying the extra fundage for having the order rushed. I think I'll go to bed on that one.

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