Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here it is, nine days after what's his name blew in and out and I'm in a total funk. I re-ordered my happy pills a little while ago because right now I don't want to deal with anything. Maybe by Christmas. Ha! I did stop by my LNS and saw an old friend ( she's not old: I've just known her a long time.). And I got my nails done. New color: "Vodka and Caviar" by OPI. Sounds like a good idea to me!

I came home and started putting together some Christmas ornies I started MANY years ago. I have this thing for Christmas trees. I want one in the corner of my living room that will stay in place all year long. The ornies will have to be ones that I've made myself. Okay. I know it's a little off. But it's .......creative? Christmas trees are just happy things to me.

DH is out back burning brush from the storm. We lucked out twice on Ike. He's not coming here and as of this morning it looks like he's not going towards John and Laura and the kids.

Well, "Law and Order" is on and since it is one of my favorites and since I have such a thing for Jerry Orbach (yes, I know he's a goner. I can still dream.). I should go to the LNS for a night of stitching but I'm just too lazy tonight.

Mindy, haven't heard from you lately. Hope you're doing better.

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