Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is the latest I'm reading. I do enjoy a Lisa Jackson novel. I picked this one up at Albertson's on Saturday. It caught my eye because it's set in my part of the country: New Orleans/Baton Rouge. It's time is just post-Katrina. It's setting is a school called All Saints-reminding me of BR's St. Joseph's Academy. Young girls are disappearing, seemingly as part of a vampire culture. Of course, not believing in vampires, I firmly believe it will be some alternative goth-type nonsense. It is a pretty good book, probably because I'm so familiar with the settings. Right now I want Houdini the cat to come out of his shell and settle down to be the lovable moggie I know he is deep down inside.

Of course, you may expect a little sex -actually a lot of it. Some actual, some in the minds of the characters. Some gore -alligators dining on corpses, vials of blood worn as necklaces. A Victorian mansion (can't figure out just which it actually is). A rustic restaurant (Boudin's?).

I'm about half-way through it and am struggling to confine myself to bedtime reading. I really am anxious to see how it ends. Then back to Phillipa Gregory. Wideacre is on the coffee table waiting for me to begin. Tudors were just as sexy and bloody-maybe more so??

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