Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, today started off with a bang! My doctor has me on Byetta for weight loss. It's a Type 2 diabetes drug, which means it alters blood glucose (I'm not diabetic-yet) . And kills the appetite. Works well. I gave myself the shot this morning and went on about my business and forgot to eat. About an hour or so ago the old lights started going out. Barely made it to the candy jar. I've had the shakes before but never this bad. I think the OldTimer's set in and I forgot. I usually drink a glass or orange juice when I "shoot up" but just got busy this time. Bet I won't forget tonight.

I finished a pillow yesterday. It's one of Tanya Anderson's designs -The Sampler Girl. I can just hear nasty Lady Catherine de Burgh invite Elizabeth Bennet to "take a turn". Last night at stitching group Robin Campbell-my freind (Austen fans, take note!) and stitching mentor, reminded me that Jane's surviving quilt was done in diamonds. I've included the web site so you may take a look.

It was done on Jobelan and stitched in DMC and Belle Soir, Crescent Color's new silk line. I love it! The colors, even though there are not a lot of them, are luscious. They are expensive but are large skeins with a dozen threads per strand so I don't mind spending the extra money. The piece of stitchery is backed by a coordinating fabric.

This site will lead you to more information on the quilt. It's even possible to duplicate it. That's a far off dream of mine!

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Tanya said...

Your pillow turned out beautiful!! Love it :)