Saturday, July 14, 2012


It's going to be a great day! My copy of the JCS Halloween magazine has arrived and it is great. LK Mystery Sampler Pt. 1 came, too. Now to get the fabby.

Here are some recent photos:

This was an easy knit. I ordered the yarn-it's an Italian thread. Can't remember the name! I started off knitting it and then realized it would go faster to crochet it. It's worked in one long line, not in rows.

This is a "potato chip" scarf I knitted with some thread from Hobby Lobby. My favorite Alabama red, of course. I've since knitted a flower pin to keep it closed. Took a little longer to do, but was fairly easy once I got into the rhythm.

This was a fun one! Made from Red Heart ruffly yarn. It was easy to knit once I figured out how to cast on the stitches. It's very colorful. A little different than my usual reds and blues. I wear it with the blue jacket, green blouse and white pants. Pretty nice!

This is my favorite. Took a little longer to finish. I found the pattern on the Internet. The long strip was knitted first (in ribbing). The flounce was cast on an edge of the ribbing. Can't wait to wear this one! I found a couple of shawl pins at Joann's, so I will use one of them, I think, to  keep it closed. Or maybe not!

AND......last, but not least. The infamous Crimson Tide rag wreath. What can I say? It's on the back of the front door because of our humidity and mildew problems here. And I get to look at it every time I see the door!!

Well, that's about it. It's a dull day here. Probably going to rain again. Think I'll stitch a bit!

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Julie said...

Lovely to see a post here Marian, i'm sorry you have had such sadness to deal with in your family.
Love the rag wreath that is so effective.
Your have been knitting up a storm, a lot of stitchers seem to be knitting right now instead of stitching.
Great header pic, i could do with a day at the seaside, although with the current wet weather, maybe not!