Friday, July 13, 2012


I've had a bit of a vacation, huh? Not deliberately. I just kept forgetting to post. Facebook and Pinterest have taken over!

Well, in the last few months, let's see:

1. We went home to Tuscaloosa June 1st  for David's 50th high school class reunion. It was so good to see all those people that I haven't seen in......50 years! Food was great. Conversation was fantastic. My 50th is in two years and is in the planning stages now. Both of our graduation classes were BIG!

2. A few days before we were supposed to leave, we found out that a good friend of ours--and a groomsman in our wedding--had died in Tennessee. His graveside service was to be the Saturday we were home, so of course we were there. He was buried next to his wife in this wonderful little country cemetery in Tuscaloosa County. Reminded me so much of those quiet, little cemeteries in England. He loved sunflowers, so there were sunflowers everywhere. RIP, Tom. My favorite Yankee. Next to Kate!

3. Well, if losing Tom wasn't enough, we had literally packed the car to come home when my sister-in-law, Fay, died! She had been sick for a long, long time and we knew this was coming. Just not June 4th. We stayed on an extra day. Per her request, there won't be a funeral. And it will be a year next week that my mother-in-law died. Well, we're all getting old!

4. I'm still stitching. I'm only working on one piece now, and that's "Anniversaries of the Heart" by BBD. I guess losing all these family members has spurred me on. I'm determined to finish it. I have really been locating names and dates---going back several generations. Managed to find photos of ALOT of tombstones.

5. My big thing now is knitting. I've made several of those wonderful ruffly scarves. And the knitted Barbie clothes are great fun to work up. When we were in Tuscaloosa I visited Serendipity Needleworks and bought 3 skeins of their specially dyed Crimson Pride Merino wool. I'm working on an Alabama scarf, but won't need it until the end of November.

6. Just finished my second rag wreath. Getting ready for football season, so this one is pure Alabama. I have several waiting to be done. A couple of Halloween wreaths, a fall wreath and an LSU wreath for John and his family. And.......I'm working on my second fabric basket.

7. Cooking! I'm becoming obsessed!!! I've found so many neat recipes on Pinterest, so I have to try them out. I'm thinking about doing another cookbook, so I'll have some new additions.

8. It is HOT here. Unbelievable. And we're in the middle of hurricane season and so far, so good. No relaxing until November.

9. Reading!!!! I've caught up on some great novels. Would you believe "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" was actually very good. And I completely enjoyed the movie.

Can't think of anything else going on. I'll add some photos-have to move them from one site to another.
I check blogs everyday, so I'm keeping up pretty well. I just have to get off my butt, turn off FB and Pinterest and start typing.......

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FancyHorse said...

Nice to see you "here" again, there are so many thinks to distract us, aren't there?

I'm sorry to hear of the recent losses in your family.