Monday, February 7, 2011


This is my Happy Dance for the weekend. It's the Amitie Biscornu from the newest GOS.  I did it on some mottled green fabby and Waterlilies thread from my stash. I finished it last night during the Super Bowl---after an unexpected stop during the National Anthem.  How bad was that?????

I did a little framing last week. I have no idea when I stitched this but I found the little frame at Goodwill and finished this little goody. The colors are really pretty and the birds look really great. It's on 14 ct. Aida and I'm sure they are DMC threads.

This is one of my newest finishes. "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" is my favorite hymn.  When I saw this I just had to stitch it. It's on 40 ct. Lakeside Linen with the threads called for. It really is pretty good, if I say so. Not sure where I'm going to hang it. The frame is new, purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Couldn't let this post go by without some shots of my Sweet Baby. This was made this morning while I was snapping the biscornu. Linzie looked like a queen on her throne. Of course she does. She owns this castle!

This was made last Thursday during all the bad weather. The pillow is on the sofa-for my cat naps. She crawled under it during all the rain. What a cutie.

Well, that's all on the home front. I'm going Wednesday morning to have a laser procedure on my right eye. I had cataract surgery four years ago. The doc said then that this could happen but was simple to cure. It's called "after cataracts".  It's a little film that collects on the eye. He's going to use the laser to punch a hole through the film so that my vision clears. No anesthesia. No funny juice. No pain. Takes a few minutes. He's going to do the other eye in six months or so. Can't wait. I've only decimated two mailboxes and pretty well wear my glasses when I need to see at a distance.

I've worn glasses since I was eight. Completely incapacitated without them. I had lens implants when he did the surgery and it's been such freedom. I only use readers when I do my stitching. I can actually pick up a newspaper and read it without glasses. Now I do need something for distance, but that will become-permanently- a thing of the past when this is done. Whooot!


Edgar said...

Love the framed pieces - so pretty!!!!! Good luck on Wednesday!!

Jackie said...

Congratulations on your finishes! And good luck on Wednesday. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Susan said...

Congrats on the finish, framing, and pics of beloved pet!

Good luck Wednesday!

Happy Stitching!

Ziggyeor said...

Your biscornue is adorable and I love the framed pieces! Good luck with your eye surgery.

Carolyn NC said...

Love your finishes and framing! Really cool to be able to see w/o glasses - good luck with the surgery.

FancyHorse said...

The eye surgery sounds good! I hope you will be feeling and seeing a lot better!

Did you make that cute patchwork pillow? Linzie looks so sweet on it!

I'm going to try to scan something I found again recently. I think you will be amused! (Look on facebook)

Alice said...

Those are great finishes! I especially like the biscornu.
Good luck with the laser procedure.

Mary said...

Great finish on the biscornu and the framed pieces are very pretty!

Hope all goes well with the eye procedure!

Stephanie (Joie deBayou) said...

Congratulations on your pretty finishes. I hope everything went well with your procedure today.