Monday, January 10, 2011


I always read before I turn off the light and go to sleep. Linzie always stretches out on my belly-lots of room there- and sleeps or just watches me. When the light goes off, she moves to her spot and joins me in the Land of Nod. Unless it thunders. Then she's on top of me!

Last night she just looked SO cute that I put the Kindle down and just had some quality time with her. I rubbed and she licked. I talked and she stared.  Such love on both counts. I remember, after my Rose went to the Rainbow Bridge, thinking that I would never let another little creature into my heart, only to lose her and go through the same torment.

Then along came Linzie. As you all know, she belonged to some friends of ours who couldn't keep her. We had known her since she was a pup and the family thought we might like to adopt her. She came to live with us the next day. Moved in lock, stock and barrel right into our hearts.

She is so smart. So cute. Loves Michael Harden, even if he is allergic to her. She's always happy. Loves a hug and a treat. Somehow life feels complete again.

Which brings me to this: this week Your Majesty Zsa Zsa Gabor has been in the hospital again, this time maybe to have her leg amputated. I was going along just fine until I read in the news about her "great love" of shih tzus. She couldn't be all that bad, I thought. Huh? Further into the article it explained that she loved to torment the little babies. She allowed her Alsatians--much bigger dogs--to pick them up by the scruff and toss them into the pool. So.....what does one say?

How can anyone-- including the great Michael Vick or any other human being--look at himself or herself in the mirror after mistreating any animal? They are such fine examples of unconditional love. Much more so than humans. How can anyone look into those beautiful little eyes and abuse these little animals? They are God's creatures, too.

So I'm getting off my soapbox. Maybe her leg should join her heart, wherever it is. That's not a very Christian attitude, but it's mine.

The photo is my sweet baby not too long ago. She sits next to me on the sofa while I stitch. I keep different sized hoops nearby so that I can change one as needed. We were sitting there and out of the corner of my eye I saw a little white paw reach out and gently move a hoop in her direction. That's okay. If she wants it, she can have it---for a little while.

I love my little Linzie.


Anonymous said...

Oh Marian, i so agree with you. i lost my sweet baby Sam, the minature schanzuers just a few days ago. His lost seems overwhelming right now and it was so nice to hear that you are able to go on

Linens and Royals said...

I also love to read in bed before i put the light out, very difficult holding a book with one cat on my chest and one on my shoulder, and some books are very heavy, maybe a kindle would be easier to hold. Never even seen one but will investigate.
Now I know why i don't like Zsa Zsa Gabor.

FancyHorse said...

I didn't know either of those facts about Zsa Zsa Gabor. I never knew much about her, anyway. Sorry to hear she is so abusive to the little dogs. Alsatians are what we in the States call German Shepherds, aren't they?

You may notice that I'm here on the internet and not watching THE GAME.
We can't watch Auburn play, it makes them lose. We can't even wear Auburn shirts on game day. We have to sacrifice for the good of the team!

Alice said...

There is a deep dark place in hell reserved especially for those who harm animals. It is somewhat surprising isn't it how some people can be so.... evil, and others of us love them so dearly. It does hurt to lose them, but think of all the countless hours of love you get to remember.

Siobhan said...

Okay, I got to the bit about the bigger dogs and what that moron Zsa Zsa allows them to do to the little dogs and I had to stop. I won't read the comments, either, because I absolutely agree with your horror over that--and I'm sure those commenting do, too. I am a Philadelphia fan, being a firm believer that you don't change teams based on winning or losing. I was born in Philly, I cheer for my teams. But, I don't pay attention now that Vick is on the team. I am just so horrified about Zsa Zsa, I hadn't heard that.

Anyway! Onto better things. Give Linzie some extra cuddles for me. I'll be giving Duffy some, too, even though he was in Brat Mode last night. He's now decided that he doesn't like the shadow from the door to be near his water bowl and so was barking incessantly last night and this morning. I went down a few times to coax him back upstairs--he sleeps on our bed--but he wouldn't quit until I figured out what it was that he wanted. He's now snoring and I can't drink coffee fast enough.