Thursday, January 13, 2011


All those stitchy people out there in Blogland seem to be getting organized for the New Year. Some have even started a project a day for 15 days with plans to finish them by the end 2011. I'm not that brave!

Well, I'm not quite that organized, either! I did some.......soul?.......searching and  came up with my list of projects. Here goes:

LHN's Family Sampler
I've already started this one and it's just plain fun. Pictures in a few days.

Bent Creek's Red Thread
  I started this one when it was first published. I found the perfect frame and am about 75% finished with the stitching. I'm not going to use the snaps. Probably some buttons, etc.

With My Needle's My Needle's Work Box

Another one started and not finished. I even have the finishing fabric ready.

Plum Street Samplers' Salem Sisters.
Kitted and ready to go.

Plum Street Samplers' Salem Sisters II
Kitted and ready to stitch.

Fallbrook House Needleplay's Not All.
Kitted and ready to go.

I've also got Helga Mandl's year of biscornu kitted and ready.

And there's nothing special about all the witches. I think.

I'm allowing myself some wiggle room for anything new that may come along. And there's the ever-present stash from hell in my closet. But these are the goals. Let's see what will happen.


Michele said...

I love looking at everyone's lists! Can't wait to see your progress!

Alice said...

I really like the Red thread project. Nice sentiment.

Anonymous said...

your lists is lovely, can't wait to see the progress