Monday, December 6, 2010

Yep, that Kindle is something else! It goes with me just about everywhere. Even to church: my Bible is on it. There were so many choices of translations and most of them are free. Classics are free, too. And since I sit through two sermons on Sunday.......well, you figure it out!  I'm little by little downloading books by my favorite authors and re-reading some of my favorites. This little thing holds 3500 books plus I can go on the internet and google to my heart's content. It also has a couple of dictionaries in it and I am highlighting and, hopefully, increasing my own vocabulary.

Now for stitchy stuff. This little goody is by Faby Reilly. It is one of the things that cost me just a tad of my sanity. But worth it. The backside is one over one. The matching humbug is year, maybe!

And this isn't exactly stitching, but I just had to share. I've done my first home canning. A couple of weeks ago I made Hot Pepper Jelly.  Boy, it's good. It has red, green, yellow, orange and jalapeno peppers in it. Along with apple cider vinegar and pectin and LOTS of sugar. It's good on cream cheese with crackers as an appetizer and on meat as seasoning. Okay, I'm a little different: I like to dip my mozzarella sticks in it.

So, the next few days will be busy. Our Christmas music is twice on Sunday morning, so there will be extra rehearsals, plus some extra rehearsals for me on the organ. Then after Sunday.......well, I can relax and enjoy the season.  See ya'll later.


Julie said...

Way behind on blog reading, sorry ...

Enjoy your Christmas music on Sunday, i bet its marvellous to hear you play

I know another stitcher who has had a kindle and she loves it too, i'm not sure i would like one, i love the smell of a new book, maybe i'll change my mind as they become more popular, maybe books will be like vinyl records and go out of fashion now the ebooks are here?

Lovely pics of your box finish and biscornu

Siobhan said...

Hot pepper jelly... YUMMMMM!

Beautiful finishes!

FancyHorse said...

I'm glad you still like your KIndle. I'm trying to decide if I want an e reader or not. I looked at the Nook at Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago.