Saturday, December 4, 2010


I gave myself a birthday present this year. I've been wanting an ebook for a long, long time.
I started my research and finally decided on a Kindle. It's the third generation and I dearly love it.

Now some of my best friends are with me all the time......Jane Austen, Sherlock Holmes, Dave Robecheaux, Gabriel Allon, Cotton Malone and on and on.

It goes with me just about everywhere. A charge lasts a fairly long time. It's lightweight and I don't need my laptop to download a book.

I love this thing.


Siobhan said...

Happy belated birthday! CONGRATULATION on the Kindle! I am so excited for you. You'll have to join Good Reads ( to keep track of all the books you'll be reading!

carol fun said...

Great birthday present! My boys are giving me one for Christmas(they're no good at keeping secrets- LOL!) and I can hardly wait to get my grubby little hands on it -- so many wonderful books I can wait to! Happy reading and stitching!

Susan said...

Have you noticed that you read faster/easier on your Kindle than with a paper book? Something to think about! I love mine too.

Happy Birthday to you - late!

Happy Stitching!