Monday, January 4, 2010

HELLO, 2010!

I'm glad this past year is over! It wasn't a bad one, but it wasn't a good one, either. So now we all have a chance to "start over". I don't make resolutions, but I do have "ideas", so maybe I will be able to accomplish what I start to do.

I have declared this to be "The Year of the Smalls". I'm going to indulge my love of biscornus. And ornies. Maybe a pinkeep or two. Nothing like instant gratification! I'm going to have a major project at hand for when my attention span goes out the door-maybe Summer Ball, Justine or something I already have. So.....out with the old and in with the new.

The year started with a bang on Saturday. I won a prize! And what a prize. It's from YoYo at Dragon My Needle. A great chart-we all know I love quakers- some thread, scissors and needle. Thanks a million, YoYo!. It was a drawing from the Totally Useless Sal.

Now for some 2009 finishes.

Some biscornus, of course. Two are from the GOS and the tiny Christmas biscornu is from a JCS ornament issue. The biscornu on the upper right is from a chart I purchased at 3 Stitches in Houston. All are done with fabby and freds from my stash.

And here is my pride and joy. It's a pagoda, stitched from a pattern in GOS. It looks complicated but was really easy to stitch and complete. The only criticism: I used the colors called for and DMC 115 is the red color. Never again!  It stains, especially if you remove stitches. I'm looking forward to doing more. Even the beading was easy, if you can believe that.

Well, that's the beginning! This Thursday is a big one: my team-and we all know which it is-plays Texas for the national championship. I'll be sitting right here, stitching and cheering them on. The weather has turned COLD here-supposed to sleet and snow Thursday night. And this is the Deep South!!! I'm guessing it will be pretty good weather in Pasadena. The team is already there-made a trip to Disneyland yesterday. I can just see Mount Cody on some of those rides.

Until next time: HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and I hope it brings you all the best.


Bonnie said...

The game is on Thursday night! Don't want you to miss it! ROLL TIDE!

Donna said...

Brrr. It is cold here too! Love all your stitching!

Yoyo said...

Oh I'm so glad your package made it safely. ENJOY...and fill up that Totally Useless Container while you do (LOL). I haven't tried the Pagoda yet but I want to, I'm glad to hear from you and a couple others that it's really not as hard as it looks.

Sometimes what looks like a stain left behind when you pull out threads is not actually a's little bits of fuzz from the thread. Try running a soft toothbrush in circular motions over the fabric on both the front and back and maybe that "stain" (i.e. those fuzzies) will come out.

Siobhan said...

Beautiful finishes!! I love 'em. I don't do many smalls but want to work on more this year... more ornaments, more smallish pillows and things. Congrats on the win, too!

Always smiling said...

Happy New Year Marion,

I loved that pagoda I saw it in GOS so I might have a go.
I like the resolutions to be 'ideas' too!!
Hugs and Blessings
Chris x
PS. Those grand daughters are pretty.

Carolyn NC said...

Great finishes and giveaway!

Julie said...

Beautiful biscornus and i love the pagoda, that is something i would like to try this year too.