Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is it, folks! In three hours Alabama will be playing Texas for the National Championship in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl. Needless to say, we are a bundle of nerves here. It was unexpected for us to do this well this year, but here we are. The best of luck to both teams, but the best team-mine- will win.

I have a huge bet going with Donna. I'm gonna love using that fabby. If I should lose-not- she'll get a goodie bag of stitchy stuff from Diane's at Cross Stitch Corner.

We getting the food ready: Louisiana boiled shrimp, Sister Schubert's rolls (lots of them), lemon pie. Appetites are not really big right now, but will pick up as nerves hit real high.

 David bought a new hi def tv yesterday so we'll be watching in style. Josh Groban is singing the National Anthem. So.............let the game begin.



Becky K in OK said...

Oh my, your spread sounds wonderful. Guess I'll just settle for a bag of popcorn. I love Nick Saban as a coach, but live in the Big 12. So, I am terribly torn on who to cheer for. I'll probably just watch the game as a unbiased spectator.

D said...


Jackie said...

Sounds like a wonderful night! I know my husband is glued to the tv as is my dad. Dad is surely wearing his new coaches jersey and hat we got himn for Christmas. At 77, I think he deserves to see his team win!

Aren't Sister Schuberts rolls the best?

Donna said...

May the best team win! I want a piece of that pie!

Alice said...

Well Congratulations! I just heard that they won. At least that's what I think I heard at 5 am. I hope you loved every minute of the game.