Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, here we are. Just a couple of days until Thanksgiving. We're going over to Houston to see the kids and for the boys to go fishing and for me to visit a nearby needlework shop. It's just a couple of blocks from John and Laura's house-on Louetta Parkway- and they're giving away goodies on Friday.

I'm taking food over, of course, because there will be alot of people there TDay. You gotta know my cravings kicked in. This time for Sensation Salad. I'm even going to take some with me.

I'm not sure if Sensation Salad is peculiar to this region, but it's very common at eateries here and is SO good. I made a quick trip to the grocer's, made the dressing (the recipe makes a bunch), and am now indulging my fondest desire while I'm making the cheese and macaroni, queso,  meatballs and two pumpkin pies.

Here it is. It should be made at least a day ahead and left in the fridge to blend flavors. Nothing but iceberg lettuce and fresh parsley are all that's needed for the salad fixings, although sometimes I do add some
Roma tomatoes. Don't need onions, cukes- any of the normal veggies found in a salad. It does okay with romaine, too, but iceberg is reccommended.

1/2 lb. finely ground Romano (forget the Kraft stuff. Go for the good stuff in the  gourmet cheese section)
1 pt. salad oil (I use 1C. canola oil, 1C. extra virgin olive oil)
Juice of 2 lemons (if they are large. Use 3, if small)
Juice of 3 cloves of garlic ( I use the stuff found in the spice section. Then I slice up some fresh garlic into the bottle of dressing. Be sure not to let these get into the lettuce. Surprise!!!)

Shake all ingredients in a quart jar. This will keep indefinitely in the fridge. Salt and pepper greens as desired before adding dressing. I am a big devotee of fresh  ground pepper and sea salt. Just my strange little thing.

The original recipe is found in the first cookbook, River Road Recipes, by the Junior League of Baton Rouge. If you ever see a copy of this little book, pick it up. It's a gold mine.


Julie said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving... all this talk of food is making me hungry... its lunchtime here to i'm off for a bite to eat!

DonnaTN said...

Thanks for the recipe. It sounds a lot like the one my SO's father used to make. Unforutanely, he is gone and no one ever thought to write it down. Happy Thanksgiving.

Siobhan said...

Yumm, it sounds good! Thanks for the recipe. Safe travels!

Queenmothermamaw said...

Hi Marian, I love you on my followers list but my admit I don't think I have ever visited. I am doing a highlight of all my followers and you are up for Nov. 30th. I did this for my birthday month and tomorrow is the last day. Pop over for a visit.

Marguerite said...

This looks like a great recipe. Love the River Roads Recipes cookbook, too! Thanks for sharing!

Richard said...

And now you can finally get this Baton Rouge Classic in stores — I quit my day job to get it there.

Check it out: