Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm a member of Stitcher's Showcase. We recently formed a cross stitchers group. Elisa is our fearless leader. We decided to have a Christmas ornie exchange, so I joined. My very first exchange. I received my goodie yesterday. From Elisa! She does beautiful stitching and  really great finishing. She also sent along two skeins of Dragon Threads. I see a couple of biscornus in my future!! The colors are beautiful.

Thanks, Elisa.

And this won't be the last exchange. I've also joined the Lizzie Kate Exchange and am getting ready to start that project.

This is fun. I feel a new addiction coming on.......


Barbi said...

Aren't exchanges wonderful? You got some lovely gifts there! You'll be addicted to them in now time.

Julie said...

Nice ornie and exch goodies from Elisa.

I used to be hooked on exchanges. but it does cut into stitching other things so i cute right back and only do a few now.

Have fun excanging, i look forward to seeing what you made for your partner in the exch

FancyHorse said...

That is pretty! Do you have your Christmas tablecloth out already?

I've been gone, but I'm back now and will try to catch up.

Elizabethd said...

What a lovely gift to receive.
I am so glad the results of your tests are not as bad as you had thought.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marian, I just noticed you are on my followers list. Welcome I will add you to my list. I cannot get on your followers list due to a Google glitch. Been working on it for months now. I love your work. Have just started to quilt but had to put aside to paint for Christmas gifts.

Siobhan said...

What a lovely exchange! Lucky you. :)