Saturday, June 13, 2009


I've finally started finishing some projects I started a LONG time ago (plus a few small thingys).

The Amazing Grace pillow is for my granddaughter (yes, Grace is her name!). I don't remember the specifics because I did the stitching a couple of years ago. I bought the fabby and had it finished- I thought- until I saw the neat trim. So back to the drawing board. It will probably be her birthday gift.

The JBW designs are old. I dipped into the fabric stash and finally finished them. I had started off thinking I would make knob knockers, but since I have several more of the designs to do, I've decided to place them all in a special basket. As soon as I find a "special" basket.

Say Grace is going into the basket, too. I plan to do a couple more of them as gifts. A really quick stitch.

The two pincushions are made from the freebie on Blackbird Designs blog. I did the first one (pink) and was shopping for the backing fabric. I found the fab but also another piece I liked more. So back to the needle and thread (this time Belle Soir's Chester Blue and Lagoon).

So here's the latest. Plus all the cleaning closets I've done!

Well, back to watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's the first time I've seen it. Love it!


Donna said...

You have been quite the busy beaver, haven't you?

coral said...

They are all lovely...We fly out for paris on the 6t July excited to see your Eiffel Tower.

Lisa said...

It looks like your dancing shoes have definitely been out of the closet - you deserve a long "happy dance" for all the finishes. They all are very beautiful!
Take care,

Yoyo said...

I do agree, finishing our projects off is sometimes a LOT of work. I did a bunch of finishing this weekend too, and I'm ready to stitch some more (LOL). But look at all the beauties you got out of it, congratulations!!

Jan said...

Such lovely finishes, Marian!

Julie said...

Such a wonderful array of beautiful work.

Johnny Depp fan here, i love that film too