Saturday, June 6, 2009


I've been watching Fox News today and seeing all the remembrances of today's anniversary of D Day. It was especially poignant hearing the story about the veteran who traveled to France, visited the cemetery yesterday and then passed away in his sleep. The newscaster pointed out that we are losing these veterans quickly now. I only hope that they realize how much we appreciate all of them- living and dead.

Okay. On to other things. I've finished a little stitching and actually sat down today and trimmed the pieces, as well as the fabric I will use to complete them. There are several JBW designs I finished a LONG time ago, so they are ready to be done. And I have finished "Souvenir de France", the freebie by Blackbird Designs. I actually stitched two of them. When I was looking for the "perfect" finishing fabric, I saw a piece I liked-which didn't match the stitched piece. So I bought it, came home and re-stitched, and now I have a birthday or Christmas gift as well as the finished pinkeep in the fabby I liked. Will post photos when done.

I actually got the courtyard furniture painted this week-black paint all over ME! But it looks good, so maybe I'll take the photos outside.

Oh! Wiehenburg is having a new SAL: a personalized sampler. Check them out!


Jan said...

Sounds like you have been 'good-busy' Marian! Looking forward to seeing those finishes!

Didn't see that broadcast, maybe I will be able to catch some tonight, later!

Julie said...

You have been busy. I'm not allowed to use the paintbrush here - apparently i dont do it properly - didnt need telling twice so i leave it to DH now LOL

I watched some of the coverage on TV here too.

Donna said...

I had a gentleman from WWII come to me when I worked at the Red Cross after 9/11. He gave me a check for $50 which he said was all he had because he was on a fixed income. He said if they would take him back he would go fight that day. He held my hand and we cried together. I will never forget him, what he did for our country and what he was willing to do again.