Friday, June 19, 2009


This is Jo's bear. I began it before I received the call telling me she was not doing well. The next day the bad call arrived. I tried to work on it some a couple of days ago, but it just wouldn't come together. I finally finished it last night and now it's ready to be mailed. I didn't make it to her memorial service. I just chose to say goodbye in my own way.

Marty Bell has long been a favorite of mine. This is Morning's Glow. It's all connected to the English thing I have. I've now completed these three: one for each of my grandchildren. I actually framed it myself- how impressive is that!! It sits on my Marty Bell wall. Just to the left you can see part of my Jane Austen wall. Sometimes I have a small smattering of the organization thing. Not very often, though. You should see my kitchen table!
The Blackbird SAL starts tomorrow and I'm ready. Can't wait to get started. Some pics will follow when I get started and have something to report. Until then, HAPPY STITCHING!


Donna said...

You make me cry. Jo-Jo's bear is so sweet. Lot's will be raised with that bear alone.
Your stitching is as always wonderful to look at.

coral said...

Stunning finishes Marian.

Siobhan said...

That bear is adorable!!

Lovely walls--I enjoyed seeing your collections!

Lisa said...

The bear is wonderful - a great tribute to JoJo.

I love your wall of finishes and your idea for making something you can enjoy and show now, and will be given to your grandchildren for them to enjoy at a later date.

Julie said...

Jo's bear is so wonderful.

Lovely to see your 'walls' the cottages are superb.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

So sorry about your friend... the bear is adorable.

Beautiful Stitching.

Pat said...

Marian, Jo's Bear is so cute!! She would have loved the purple fabric with the pink ribbons!! Where did you find that fabric? Are you sending the bear to Stitch for a Cure or another organization?
I know Jo would have loved this bear. Thank you so much for making this in her memory!
Love, Pat (Jo's sister)