Thursday, April 2, 2009


I appreciate the nice comments about the save. I'm getting ideas now and I may experiment. I'm not sure sweetened sodas would work, but maybe sugar-free cherry flavored sodas would be okay. It really turned the fabric a lovely soft shade of pink. That might work for the Miribilia fairies I have for my granddaughters' initials. This was also my first experience using tea.

What really amazed me was that the over-dyes didn't fade. The blue in the lettering is "Blackberry Jam" and it's really dark.

I feel the "chemistry".......

P.S.: YoYo: maybe dilute the spaghetti sauce???? Oh, Lord: I'm getting carried away!!!!


Yoyo said...

Oh that's funny, but I don't think I want to waste the terrific spaghetti sauce! I do have two jars of "beet juice" I've been saving in the fridge, I need a piece of pinkish fabric and we eat a lot of beets I think I need one more jar before I have enough to try it but I'll keep you posted.

Julie said...

Good news about the threads.

Gwen said...

Hello Marian Gwen form New Orleans here. We met several times over at Diane's place Crosstitch Corner. I love your blog. Happy to see your roof fixed. Beautiful home. Love the trying to dye your threads. I did the coffee and tea thing.Come visit me over at Bahamian-Hideaway my blog.