Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yes. I actually made it to church, Donna and Julie! One of God's miracles!!!! Got there 30 minutes before the service started. Since I quit taking my little white anti-aging pills I stay up a little longer. And forget things, too. And grow wrinkles.
Julie, the Peacock Chair is
unbelievable! All of you guys, go to Julie's Stitchyknitter's Journal and check it out. So cool!

Donna, I have 5 stitched so far and am going to start putting them together. I have some great breast cancer fabric (that sounds funny!). And I've finished the Lizzie Kate (?) Peace, Love and a Cure and am thinking about making it into some type of patchwork knob knocker.

I did come home from church and napped. Later we met our friend from Plaquemine, Doris Pettus, for dinner at Ruffino's. The food was wonderful as usual, but I got a little nuts and ordered my favorite pizza-Margharita. No, that's nothing to do with the drink (which is NASTY). It's named for some Renaissance queen or so. I have to say that it was a bit of a dud. There's a little place here in town called Schlitz and Giggles. They make the genuine article. A Margharita pizza is one with a paper-thin crust, sliced Roma tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and olive oil. Tasty! No red sauce-which Ruffino's had. No no.

Doris is great. She lost her husband a year or so ago. She is a corporate travel agent and is pretty good at her job. We talked travel tonight: she's going to the Mediterranean this fall. We both love London and we talked about places we visited. London is my favorite with Rome a close second.

We talked a lot about the Vatican and St. Peter's, as well as St. Paul's in London. She didn't like Russia and I want to visit. I didn't like China and she would like to go there. So that's why we're all different! Boring world if we were all alike.

We're supposed to be getting the new roof this week. Right!!! Heard that before. I'll be even more glad when the hole in the bedroom ceiling is fixed. It's just a couple of months until hurricane season starts all over. Unfortunately, Michael's new promotion will mean that he stays here in the city if we have a hurricane.

Enough gibberish. If I'm lucky I may have some pictures to post tomorrow. Ann, my friend at With My Needle, has completed her heart on my Friendship Sampler Round Robin. You might stop by and see it. She does beautiful work.

So for now, ta.


Donna said...

You have been quite the busy lady.
I can't believe they put red sauce on your pizza. That is what the fresh tomatoes are for. Yuck.
Glad you made it to church.
A funny thing about me is I have NO desire to go outside of the USA. I guess I am afraid they won't let me back in. LOL.

Julie said...

Thank you for your lovely comment about 'the chair'

Like Donna, i dont leave the UK, in fact i dont leave the city i live in very often.