Friday, March 27, 2009


This was the front page photo on today's newspaper (no, that's not my car!). We're having some major storms here. I know other states have, too. The last two nights have been noisy with some bright lights. And we have it to look forward to tonight, also. Some of the damage is SO much like hurricane damage and so many of us are still dealing with the results of Gustav. The shingles for our roof are supposed to be delivered today.

Luckily we have no damage here at my house, except for a few fallen limbs. But city wide there are major outages and schools in the area are suspended. And only two more months to hurricane season.

Such is life. We'll all get through this one, too. Our newspaper is here and you can see more pictures:

The photo is from the Advocate, 3/27/09.


Ann said...

Paul and I have been so blessed...the worst storm damage we've had (Katrina, Rita, Ike, Gustave, last night) was having a fence blown down, and the hinge on my outside storage shed broken.

Of course, we have no trees in our yard, so that helps! I'd rather pay the high utility bill all summer than deal with a tree through my roof!

Autumn said...

We haven't had any problems either. We haven't even lost power or anything. I slept through the first night, but last night was pretty noisy....can't wait to see what tonight holds.

Yoyo said...

I'm south of Chicago and we had a lovely spring day today, but the "snow plow" guys are out there now getting ready for a winter storm! Sometimes the storm will miss us by a few miles, we're like in a corridor or something where we get it really really bad or it misses us entirely. Hope this weekend is a 'miss us' one, I'm so tired of winter.

Julie said...

Stay safe Marian, i'll be thinking of you and sending lots of safe thoughts your way.