Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Wonderful day, here. Just like Spring. Mild weather and I even see green leaves on the trees. I saw some caterpillars today, climbing up the windows in the den. Not the stinging kind, but the ones we played with as kids. Unfortunately, they chew on the shrubery, so they will be short-lived.

I paid a visit to my LNS and picked up a couple of charts I had ordered. The first is the "Traveling Stitcher" by Little House Needleworks. I have to confess that I actually took a few stitches when I got home with it. No finishing instructions were included, but there are a couple of pictures on the website. It should be easy enough to figure out how to do it. And I hope I can find some fabric like what's shown. It's shown above.

The second chart is the Quaker Seasons of Friendship by Crown & Thistle, shown below. No thoughts of doing that one right now. It's BIG. Worked on 40 ct. fabby which I don't even dream of. I can see why one color is used. It's very busy. It's shown in Belle Soir's Mudpie. Forget that! I couldn't live with that much brown. I see it in some sort of blue.

That's about all on tap today. It's such a beautiful afternoon that I should get my big self up and go out and walk. Maybe in a few minutes. Right now the view out my den windows is great. All those lovely green leaves. The deer and fawns will be coming out soon and Spring will be officially here!


Ann said...

I have The Traveling Stitcher, but I haven't started it yet. I was lucky and got the 2 fabric pieces, too! I'll be happy to let you see them if you want so that you can create something like them.

Do you want to see your heart when it's finished? I'm going to stitch it tomorrow, and I'll post it to my blog unless you want to be surprised!

Heather said...

I love the stitcher. May have to add it to my list

Cam said...

The Quaker Seasons of Friendship is gorgeous - I think blue would set it off perfectly, especially on a pale cream (though I can't image working on 40-ct, especially for long periods at a time...)

Lee said...

I'm waiting on my Traveling Stitcher, too. Like yours, mine is the chart and threads only, but I imagine that we'll all be sharing our finishing techniques!

Quaker Seasons is phenomenal...what a project!

Julie said...

I read somewhere else that it doesnt come with finishing instructions, i guess someone will post 'how to'

Enjoy your nice spring weather, i'm looking at glum dull!

Yoyo said...

Someone else on my blog list just got the Traveling piece and was wondering about finishing too. If you come up with anything close to a good instructional site about something nearly like this you should share it with us. I love that Quaker Piece, I'm seeing it in Greens though.