Friday, February 13, 2009


These beautiful flowers came this morning. DH sent them, of course! He has such good taste. And Mary Margaret at Marino's knows that I have a thing for pretty containers. This one is definitely a keeper. We're supposed to go to a Senior Adult Valentine Banquet tonight-when did I get to be a Senior Adult?????? Tomorrow is a wedding at Most Blessed Sacrament. Good day for a wedding. I don't know either party but they are clients of David's. Besides, Catholic weddings and receptions are ever so much more fun than Baptist ones. Can't believe I said that!

On the stitching front, I have the starting heart in place for the Friendship Sampler Round Robin. It will go to the next person-which happens to be Ann- and eventually will go to Canada and the Netherlands. I'm going to do it in the original colors because they're the colors in my house. I had originally planned to do a companion piece to match with names of my "ancestors" on it. Now I'm thinking I will use the fabby for Papillon Creations Ring O' Roses, and stitch it up as the stitching necessity. I pulled the colors in DMC but am now considering the GAST colors, which will be more muted. It is really a pretty piece.

All for now. It's been a ho-hum day-other than the flowers- and I could be persuaded to stay at home tonight.


saras said...

I think I'm gonna go with the colors it calls for too! I just need to pull them and look at them, I might change one or two.. we'll see! :) Which heart did you start with?

Donna said...

Love your flowers and that container is so pretty. Happy Valentine's Day to you also!

Julie said...

Beautiful flowers and i love the container too.

Enjoy the wedding.