Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We have the most unusual weather here. It can be 40 degrees one day and 70 or 80, the next. Of course, everyone gets sick. A nasty respiratory virus. Naturally, I got it. It started Sunday night and my chest is still congested and I'm coughing so much my throat hurts. Thank goodness for Mucinex and Robitussin.

The good news is that ENT specialists make a fortune down here. The bad news is that it's possible to re-infect. I had this stuff in the fall. Here we go again.

So, hang on for a few days. I have a couple of finishes to snap. Unfortunately my attention span is short right now, so stitching is here and there. I am ready for the Friendship Sampler RR to get under way.

Ta, Marian


Heather said...

Hope you feel better soon

Donna said...

Get to feeling better real soon! I can hardly wait to see your pics!

Julie said...

Get Well Soon