Sunday, December 7, 2008


It's been awhile!! Sorry, but I just got involved and never really got back to the old blog. I did write one a couple of days ago but couldn't get the pictures to do what I wanted so I just deleted the whole thing.

We all got through Thanksgiving and my team beat Auburn quite well-actually, a shut out: 36-O. It was drizzly and COLD. It had been so pleasant the day before. But the tailgaters were all out and all was well. We lost our game last night. Florida beat us for the SEC Championship. It's okay, though. We did so much better this year than expected and we are going to the Sugar Bowl on January 1st. I'd love to go but DH doesn't "want to go to New Orleans". 60 miles down the road and HE doesn't want to go. Gee, let's be boring about it.......

I have a lot more to say but it's getting late and I have to be at the dentist's at 7:45 in the morning. I will surrender to a drug-induced state, get the work done and return home to a peaceful afternoon of sleep.

Hopefully will see you all tomorrow night. Until then---the picture at the top of the blog was made in the woods next door to my MIL's house. The other picture is tailgating with the Crimson Tide in front of the Ferguson Center. Even the trees are crimson!


The Prodigal Tourist said...

What wonderful color! (How do you keep up with so many blogs?)

Julie said...

A lovely woodland pic.

Hope all went well at the dentist and he didnt hurt you too much.